A2: Episode 21- On Missions w/Los Floyds

On This Week's Podcast the guys welcome some specials guests: the Floyds. Who are the Floyds you may ask? Well, they are missionaries serving in Latin America with MTW and are currently home for a season. They stopped by to join us and chat about the importance of missions work, the need for local church … Continue reading A2: Episode 21- On Missions w/Los Floyds

A2: Episode 19- On Pastoring

  On this weeks Podcast the guys discuss H.B. Charles new book: On Pastoring. They discuss what they liked and didn't like about the book, but overall they discuss how books like this are a benefit to pastors and congregants alike. Have a listen and enjoy.

A2: Episode 18- Semper Reformanda

This week on the Podcast the guys reflect on the upcoming 501 anniversary of the start of the reformation. In so doing they will discuss why the reformation was important, why we can't forget it, and finally how it impacts the modern church. Please take a listen and be encouraged.

A2: Episode 17 – Church Leadership

Join the guys this week as they dive into the the topic of Leadership in the local church. They answer the questions: What is biblical Leadership? what are the qualifications to lead? and finally Why is a Biblical view of Leadership so important in our modern context?  

A2: Episode 15- Church Discipline

In this week's Podcast Adam and Andrew tackle the often misunderstood and equally as often misapplied subject of church discipline. Join them as they discuss the vital role church discipline plays in the life of a healthy church and how and why it is so often misjudged or misapplied.

A2: Episode 14- Church Membership

On this week's Podcast the guys continue their discussion through the 9 Marks of a healthy church, specifically looking at the role of church membership in creating a healthy and authentic community of faith.

A2: Episode 12- The Importance of Gospel & Conversion

In this weeks episode the guys tackle the next two aspects of the IX Marks of a Healthy Church: The Gospel and Conversion. Take a Listen as they unpack the riches of these two aspects of the church and why they can so often be overlooked or taken for granted. -Enjoy

A2: Episode 11- Sound Doctrine

In This week's Episode Adam & Andrew tackle the role of theology & sound doctrine in the church. They look at the reality that everyone to one degree or another is a theologian whether they believe it to be true or not, and because of this it is important for the church to be a … Continue reading A2: Episode 11- Sound Doctrine

A2: Episode 10 -On Expositional Preaching

On this weeks Podcast Adam & Andrew begin a longer discussion on the 9Marks of a healthy. Particularly, this week they focus on Expositional preaching, what it is, what it isn't, and why it is important for the health of a church. We hope you will take a listen and be encouraged.

A2: Episode 9- On Reformed Theology

On This weeks Episode Andrew & Adam will discuss the meaning of reformed theology and how it shapes their lives and practice. They also take some time to discuss some of what it is not and how we need to get a fuller appreciation for the totality of the doctrines associated with the theology as … Continue reading A2: Episode 9- On Reformed Theology

A2: Episode 8 -A Peculiar Glory Review

On this weeks episode Adam and Andrew review and unpack John Piper's first book in his new trilogy A Peculiar Glory. It was a fun book to read and just as much fun to discuss its place in our current conversations on the bible and its role in the church and our own lives. Take … Continue reading A2: Episode 8 -A Peculiar Glory Review

A2: Episode 7: Social Media

In this week's Podcast Adam & Andrew are once again joined by Chris Wall as they discuss the importance of intentionality in the use of social media. They will discuss both the positive and negative nature of its use and its effect on believers and the world around them. Have a listen.

A2: Episode 6: Rest

In this week's episode Andrew & Adam are accompanied by a special guest Christopher Raymond Wall, as they share their thoughts on rest. Specifically in today's episode they speak on the different things they do to find rest and enjoyment in God's creation and works as a means of recovery from the toils of the … Continue reading A2: Episode 6: Rest

A2: Episode 5- The Importance of Family Worship

This week on the podcast Adam & Andrew tackle the importance of family worship. This episode will dive into its role for those who are in many different stages of life and how best to worship as a family around the truth of God. Take a listen and as always feel free to send us … Continue reading A2: Episode 5- The Importance of Family Worship

A2: Episode 4- Christian, What Do You Believe?

In this weeks Podcast Adam & Andrew discuss the upcoming Publican's conference. Here you will learn why SonRise hosts this conference every year, what this years topic will be, and why we feel the subject is so important for the local church. Join us and be encouraged.

A2: Episode 3 – Eschatology…….

Join us this week as Adam & Andrew lay the ground work for our understanding of Eschatology. They will accomplish this by looking at the importance of understanding the Old Testament properly and reading the whole of Scripture with Christ in mind.

A2: Episode 2- Good Books for Growing Christians

In this week's Podcast we dive into a realm we enjoy greatly: Books. In this Episode we discuss what books are most beneficial for a believer at different stages in their Christian walk, also we examine why books are a helpful addition to your personal study of scripture. We Hope You enjoy

A2 Episode 1: Ask Adam, “Can a wholesale use of Scripture without context cause more harm than good?”

Welcome to our new weekly podcast. Every week Andrew & Adam will be chatting about a wide variety of topics and issues in life and the church. This week's episode features a question from a SonRise church member in regards to the use of scripture without context, such as in the case of John 3:16, … Continue reading A2 Episode 1: Ask Adam, “Can a wholesale use of Scripture without context cause more harm than good?”